Through a rigorous portfolio review process, 24 students from FIT's Creative Technology Minor were chosen to participate in this design contest. These participants formed 6 creative teams, and three awards are given to the winning teams at the conclusion of the contest: Grand Prize ($15,000), Second Place ($5,000), and People’s Choice ($5,000). The award winning designs will be applied to a wide range of NFL branded merchandise and made available for NFL fans globally.

Team Blitz

Team Blitz’s design was inspired by one of the most iconic motions in sports, the spiral of a football flying through the air. In this system, each football team is identified through a combination of team colors, stripe designs assigned to the two conferences, and a unique shape designated to each of the four divisions. It is an elegant design solution both conceptually and visually.

Team Members:
Jessica Williamson
Daphne Lee
Shruti Upadhyay
Michelle Dines

The Creative Sweet

The Creative Sweet took a time-tested approach to visual system designs. They selected unique shapes from each of the NFL team logos and created beautiful interlocking patterns that symbolize a unified group of people working toward the same goal. This approach reflects the design concept, which was inspired by the bond between football players and fans.

Team Members:
Shira Berger
Artisha Kwak
Yewon Shin
Amanda Hernandez


VOOV’s design concept honors the amazing comeback moments in each NFL team’s history. They titled their design “For the Love of the Game” because these are the highlights in the shared memories and experiences of passionate NFL fans. The striking visual pattern for each moment was designed by using colors and shapes extracted from the team logo.

Team Members:
Serena Ho
Danielle Gosda
Marianna Soffer
Megan Brown


Team Ballers focused on the energy and passion that one feels at a football game. Their artistic creation represents the culture of each team and fan base. The design for each NFL team contains two components that can be used independently or in combination. The line drawings were inspired by the team logos, and the color splashes and strokes are abstract expressions of human emotions.

Team Members:
Batsheva Hendler
O’Brian Shaw
Junchen Zhou


Team Quick Snap’s shape analysis resulted in organic patterns that amplify the visual dynamics embedded within the original NFL logo designs. The most important visual elements within each logo were uncovered through an experimental process of deconstruction and reconstruction of lines and shapes. The final creative outcomes are bold, expressive, and original.

Team Members:
Wing-Sze Ho
Eunsu Yoo
Arpi Dayian
Iwona Usakiewicz


Team Sundrae’s approach to pattern design is unique and refreshing. This team focuses on the irregularity within a pattern to illustrate the concept of a “spark” that helps us get through our everyday routines. For many football fans, the weekly game is that spark of energy they look forward to, and their clever design truly captured this core concept and successfully expressed it.

Team Members:
Patrick Obando
Justine Giardina
Angel Choong
Luca Schmitz
Dohyun Lee